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Dr. Sarah Blenkhorn, Doctor of Audiology

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Dr. Sarah Blenkhorn, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology, R.Aud, Aud(C)

Audiologist, Owner and President of Harp Hearing Care.

  • Commitment to excellence, professional care and satisfied clients
  • Innovative and personalized approach to quality hearing health care for seniors, adults and children
  • Hearing aids and assistive devices to allow to you communicate fully and maintain your quality of life
  • Comprehensive warranty and professional service program to ensure satisfaction with your hearing aids
  • Educated and informed decision making process
  • Flexible hours to meet your unique needs

Harp Hearing Care is the premier hearing health care provider in Calgary, with two state of the art clinics located in Kingsland Plaza and Willow Park Village. Harp Hearing Care prides itself on providing quality hearing care through exceptional service and products. Harp Hearing Care is locally owned and operated by Calgary audiologist, Dr. Sarah Blenkhorn, Doctor of Audiology. Harp focuses on more than the initial fitting of hearing aids but, the ongoing maintenance and service required to be successful with hearing aids

“I invite you to receive a free thorough assessment of your hearing with the professional services that Harp Hearing Care has to offer. ”

Visit our main website for more information on Harp Hearing Care and our services http://www.harphearing.ca


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